We offer a full range of accessories that you will need for your automated gates. From hardwired colour intercoms to GSM and network access systems. From keypads to touch fobs.

We can also offer CCTV with recording and remote viewing to further enhance your security.

Door entry

A complete range of entry systems are available. We can offer audio and video, digital keypads, card and fob access control - either stand-alone or PC based. Systems can be one way for single gates or doors or multi-way for a block or concierge system


Stainless steel panels

Stainless steel video or audio entry panels are available for flush or surface mounting and from 1 button for a single dwelling to multi-button for blocks or estates. A wide range of handsets and monitors area


Brass panels

Brass finish panels audio or video entry panels area available for that special requirement.

Telephone connected systems

Audio entry panels connected via telephone lines for retrofit or difficult installations



We provide a wide range of CCTV cameras to suit all requirements. From Stand-alone systems with on board recording to HD CCTV systems with High Quality digital recording units, number plate recording and remote viewing. We also provide domestic systems with alarm event triggering that you can pick up on your Pad or mobile.

Please ask for a free survey for a Security CCTV system.



CCTV monitors can be almost any size depending on your needs. If you need more than just to view on a mobile device we can supply and fit desk mounted or wall mounted units. Larger screen sizes are important if you need to view multiple CCTV screens at the same time.

Control and Recording

Control and Recording

Local control and recoding can be provided with built in devices or high quality Recording units. State of the HD recording units overwrite the oldest pics so that there is no need to supervise the recording. These give clear pictures of what’s recorded enabling the recording to be used as evidence.


Additional security is available using state of the art CCTV camera systems. You can cover your entry area, your gate or your garden and the system can be set-up to automatically record or download the pictures in any form you want. Images can be viewed on dedicated monitor screens, PC screens or on you own TV.

Support Services

We provide comprehensive support services all the way from the initial selection of your gates, entry system or CCTV through to the design and installation of your system. We provide continuous back-up once the system is in; offering you extended service and guarantees to give you peace of mind.

System Care

System Care

All of our installations have a 12 month on site guarantee on all parts and works; giving you peace of mind and an assurance of quality workmanship

Annual Service

Annual Service

We offer a range of contracts to suit you; from standard preventative maintenance and service to extended guarantee contracts. This will ensure that your gates are always operating at their best and remain reliable and safe.

New Customer Repairs

New Customer Repairs

After a preliminary safety and equipment inspection we will be able to
advise you of all that you need to bring your gates up to legal safety
standards and fully reliable working order.